BOTOX: $12/unit
DYSPORT: $12/3 units

Botox Cosmetic & Dysport are both neuromodulators that are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin used to treat facial wrinkles including smile/ frown lines, crow's feet and other areas of the face and neck. They have also proven to be successful in treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), TMJ, and migraines. Both drugs are injected into specific muscles to prevent the muscle from further moving and creating that unwanted crease in the skin. Dosing varies per client and is dependent on your muscle size and strength. Botox/Dysport treatments typically last 3-4 months depending on your metabolism. Dosing differs between Botox and Dysport. Dysport requires about 3 units to every 1 unit of Botox, hence the price difference.

Neuromodulator Menu:


$12/unit (25-55 units)

Having trouble with those unwanted facial wrinkles? Scowl lines (11’s), Forehead wrinkles, Crow’s feet, Lip lines and Chin dimpling can all make us look unrested. Botox /Dysport can help pull out those fine lines creating a more youthful appearance.


$12/unit (4-20 units)

Turn that frown upside down! Botox/Dysport can be injected into specific muscles in your lower face to turn the corners of your mouth up, decrease unwanted “smoker’s” lines and enhance the shape of your natural lips.


$12/unit (40-60 units)

Don’t be a Clencher! The master muscle is one of the strongest muscles in the body used for chewing. Botox/Dysport can also be injected into your masseter muscle to help minimize clenching, grinding, and unwanted TMJ discomfort. By reducing the movement of this muscle with neurotoxin, we can also help slim and reshape the face



Are you a Sweaty Betty? You don’t have to be… Hyperhydrosis is abnormally excessive sweating present in the axillae, palms and/or soles of feet that can be unrelated to heat or exercise. Botox/Dysport can be injected into these areas to block the nerves supplying these sweat glands leaving you much dryer during the day. Treatments typically last 4-6 months.

Youthful Neck

Plastymal banding is one of the classic signs of an aging neck. Platysmal banding is due to age-related weakening of the cervical fascia, resulting in a bulging, or banding, from the deeper neck structure. Neuromodulators can relax these dynamic muscles, making the bands less prominent, and resulting in a smoother, younger looking neck. 

Do’s & Dont’s for Botox/Dysport:

  • Neurotoxins can take up to 2 weeks before showing full effect, plan for events accordingly.
  • Avoid alcohol, blood-thinning vitamins (fish oil, garlic, vitamin E, etc.) and drugs (cleared by a physician) a few days prior as blood-thinners can increase the chances of bleeding/bruising.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatories and alcohol a few days before and after your treatment to help with bruising and swelling.
  • Avoid laying down or wearing a hat for 4 hours, exercise for 24 hours and all facials for 2 weeks. These actions can cause the neurotoxins to migrate or diffuse away from initial injection site.
  • Tell your injector if you have an autoimmune disease.
  • Botox and Dysport are contraindicated in pregnancy and breast feeding.

After Care Instructions:

  • Do not manipulate treated area for 4 hours after treatment. This includes facials or wearing hats.
  • Do not lie down for 4 hours after treatment. This prevents botox from tracking into the orbit of your eye and causing a drooping eyelid.
  • It can take 4-7 days to start seeing results. If desired results are not seen after 2 weeks you may need additional units. Please wait 2 weeks to see if additional units are necessary.
  • Do not perform activities involving straining, heavy lifting, vigorous exercise for sweating or 24 hours after treatment. This will help keep botox/dysport in the injected area and not track elsewhere.
  • No HydraFacial or microneedling until 2 weeks after Botox/Dysport treatment.