Best Aesthetics Treatments for Brides in Brentwood, TN

If your big day is soon approaching, you’re likely feeling nervous, excited, and many other emotions in between! At SkinLUXE, we’re here to remind you to relax and find time to pamper yourself—and your skin—before your wedding day arrives. (Pssst . . . it will be here before you know it!)

Preparing the Skin for the Big Day

Your wedding day is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You want to look your best not only in person but also in photos and videos that will be captured by hired professionals and wedding guests. One way to achieve this is by establishing a   consistent skincare routine in the weeks (or, ideally, months) leading up to the wedding.


Need help building an easy to manage routine? We’re a proud vendor of Zo® Skin Health, a full line of advanced skincare products designed to help you meet your skin health goals. Our skincare consultants can curate a regimen that can enhance your skin’s radiance, youthfulness, and clarity.


Our team also recommends professional facials and chemical peels, both of which rejuvenate your skin. A HydraFacial involves cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, and providing antioxidant protection to your skin. It’s a fantastic way to boost and brighten your overall complexion!


Chemical peels are also popular aesthetic treatments among brides of all ages. At SkinLUXE, we offer five different chemical peels which will make your skin feel smoother and appear more even-toned. Wondering which works best for you? Our team of experts are here to help.


Achieving a Radiant Complexion

You want—and deserve—to have a clear, radiant complexion on your wedding day. No matter how long you’ve been planning your big day, stress can take its toll on your skin. Dermal fillers work well to enhance your facial contours and give you a more well-rested look. You may even want to consider our neurotoxin offerings, including Botox & Dysport. Neurotoxins can improve facial lines, enhance your lip shape, or even treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).


At SkinLUXE, we understand the importance of comprehensive skincare. Because of this, we carry a range of premium skincare products to support your skin’s health and appearance. Our selection includes the Anfisa Hydra Balm, a luxurious and hydrating balm that replenishes moisture and promotes a smooth, supple complexion. For those looking to improve skin texture, tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, we offer Revisions Retinols. These powerful retinol-based formulations are known for their effectiveness in promoting cellular turnover and rejuvenating the skin.


Furthermore, we prioritize sun protection, especially on such a significant day. That’s why we provide a range of Elta MD sunscreens, widely recommended by dermatologists. Elta MD sunscreens offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, shielding your skin from harmful sun rays and helping to prevent sun damage. With these exceptional products, along with our various cosmetic treatments and services, you can achieve the glowing, clear complexion you deserve.


Boosting Confidence

What can you do today to help boost your confidence on your wedding day? Are you, for example, worried your lips aren’t plump enough? Lip fillers can help by adding volume and making your lips appear softer and more hydrated. If you’re concerned about facial lines, we can suggest specific neurotoxin treatments. Or perhaps excessive sweating is an issue for you; Botox injections can keep you dry long before—and after—you say “I do.”


Additionally, we offer a range of cosmetic treatments beyond injectables that can enhance your features and ensure you feel your best. To elevate your natural beauty, we provide lash lifts, brow tinting, and brow lamination services. Lash lifts give your lashes a stunning curl, making your eyes appear more awake and captivating. Combined with a lash tint, your lashes can also appear darker and more defined, eliminating the need for mascara on your special day.


Another one of our cosmetic services we offer is brow tinting. Brow tinting can add depth and fullness to your eyebrows, creating a more polished and well-defined look. If you desire a sleek and groomed brow appearance, our brow lamination treatment can help. It involves a gentle process of lifting and setting the brows in place, resulting in a neat and structured shape that lasts for weeks.


Dermal fillers, lip fillers, lash lifts, brow tints . . . we would be happy to target any area of your skin/face that makes you feel self-conscious because we want you to feel beautiful not just on your wedding day but on your honeymoon, too!


Treat Yourself at SkinLUXE Today!

Before you walk down the aisle, we invite you to walk through our doors at SkinLUXE and take advantage of all the skin services we have to offer. You can schedule an appointment online or reach out to us through our contact form if you have any questions about our products or treatments. If you’re interested in dermal fillers, Botox, lip fillers, Zo® Skincare, or one of our other aesthetic treatments, we can schedule these treatments accordingly and help your skin glow on your big day. Congratulations, by the way, and we look forward to seeing you soon!